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LG uses several numbers on their pcb's. When searching on an EAX number always check the extra information where the board came from when mentioned.  Use EBT, EBR, EBU or other numbers found on the board when searching or the type numbers found on the television. EAX is a number used in the factory for an empty board without parts. There are several boards with the same number but the are not always interchangeable. When you are not sure please contact us.


LG Plasma information.


After replacing one of the sustain boards always be sure that all screws are placed back. If you forget one the board can go broke again.


How to find a LG ordernumber.
See photograps for help.


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If you need a LG t-con please look at number in the white area, there is a 4 digit number followed by 1 letter and another one digit number. You only need the 4 digits and the letter. Place 6871L- in front of that number and you will find the correct t-con you need. See pictures  >