Dear customer,

As of 24-09-2019 we have stopped accepting Paypal payments.
The reasons for this are;
Paypal payments are expensive for the customer but also for the sellers, in order to cover costs, we would be forced to raise prices, which means that customers who do not use Paypal are also affected, this is not what we want.
Paypal charges high costs for return payments to the seller, which also results in an increase in prices, which is not what we want.
Paypal is susceptible to fraud, customers are taking advantage of rules that will continue to unilaterally adjust Paypal. Paypal's return policy is also incorrect and susceptible to fraud.
Paypal also does not use European rules regarding withdrawals for B2B and B2C, we have often referred to the rules, but Paypal ignores them.
In our opinion, we offer sufficient other payment options.

Hope to have informed you sufficiently.

Best regards,